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Kitty Pryde1

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OVER THERE! *runs*, CT, us
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I was born, now I'm living. I'll keep you posted.
West Hartford, CT
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Inviso2004 (aol)
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KHC's Amazing Race: Tracy & Jessie - 3rd Place Avant Tai's Amazing Race 1: Tracy & Jessie - Winners Avant Tai's Amazing Race 2: Akari & Mirasuke - 8th Place Avant Tai's Amazing Race 3: Artemis & Carson - 7th Place Avant Tai's Amazing Race 4: Manny & Rena - 2nd Place Avant Tai's Amazing Race 5: Kat & Kitty - 2nd Place Avant Tai's Amazing Race 6: Hugh & Nathan - 23rd Place Crowless's Amazing Race: Peih-Gee & Shii Ann - 2nd Place Katsuya's Amazing Race: Gil & Catherine - 5th Place Smiley's Amazing Race: Family Edition: Chmofsky Family (Link, Zelda, Saria, Malon, Ruto) - 4th Place Survivor: Hawaii: Allison - Winner Survivor: Rottnest Island: Tracy - Winner Survivor: Tasmania: Nora - 4th Place Survivor: Pearl Islands: Ryan S. - 6th Place Survivor: Warriors: Peih-Gee - 17th Place Survivor: Palau Redux: Jolanda - 12th Place Survivor: Sinners vs. Saints: Courtney - 13th Place Stranded Survivor: Peru: Christa - 11th Place Harry Potter Survivor: Cho - 6th Place Stranded Survivor: All-Stars: Christa - 5th Place Survivor: Nepal: Stacy - 13th Place Yuku Survivor: Kitty Pryde1 - Winner Stranded Survivor: Mongolia: Christa - Co-Host Survivor: Rio Novo: Judd - 10th Place Yuku Survivor 2: Kitty Pryde1 - Host Stranded Survivor: Palmyra: Christa - Co-Host X-Men Survivor: Nightcrawler - Winner Survivor: Battle Royale: Shuya - Host Yuku Survivor 3: Kitty Pryde1 - 80th Place Stranded Survivor All-Stars 2: Christa - Co-Host Survivor: Harry Potter 2: Slughorn - 10th Place Survivor: Final Fantasy: Fran - 6th Place Big Brother Eurasia: Kou Shibasaki - 3rd Place Big Brother: Ad Oculus: Sonia - 3rd Place KHC's Mole: Mirasuke - Mole The Mole 4: Moleriah: Michelle - Mole Mole: All-Stars: Michelle - 10th Place Vertigo 2: Jenny - 16th Place

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Writing, building robots, going online, playing video games.

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Thanks to some very kinda Sucksters, I finally have my profile looking like I actually care about it, as opposed to looking like weak shit. If I feel like it, I guess I'll update this. For now, check out my Pokemon ratings topic. I've ranked the first 151 Pokemon and will do the rest soon, so check it out, and don't mind all the furry stuff. It's what makes me unique and awesome. =^_^=

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